Photo: Ryan Liebe; Styling: Mary Clayton Carl 
Serves 4 (serving size: 1 s'more)

This adult twist on a childhood favorite will have you reminiscing about nights spent by the campfire with family and friends. 

How to Make It

Break each whole-grain graham cracker sheet in half. Top each cracker half with 1 miniature chocolate bar. Microwave at HIGH 35 seconds or until chocolate is slightly melted; spread. Top chocolate with 1 toasted marshmallow and 1/2 slice cooked bacon.

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Ratings & Reviews

Gooey mess

April 13, 2015
I intended to make 100 of these for our yacht club opening day and they were a mess. I had to melt the chocolate in the oven (no microwave) and the plan was to toast the marshmallow in the broiler (salamander). The packages of marshmallows that I bought at Winco were all stuck together so it was hard to separate them to put on a baking sheet. I think I salvaged about 50 max out of 2 bags. Then to put the toasted marshmallows on the melted chocolate was just ooey gooey messy and difficult. I made the bacon the night before and it looked leftover.... they mostly got eaten. Good idea but never again!