Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Claire Spollen
Active Time
4 Mins
Total Time
4 Mins
Serves 1

If you think you're over avocado toast, this topper will change your mind. Make sure to give your tahini a good stir before drizzling. These make for a filling snack, plus they're loaded with protein to help you stay fuller for longer.

How to Make It

Combine juice, salt, and avocado in a bowl, mashing with a fork. Spread avocado mixture evenly over toast; top with tomatoes, olives, and egg. Drizzle with tahini.

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Ratings & Reviews

Simple and Satisfying

September 10, 2016
This recipe is a great simple lunch that is full of great ingredients that pair in a way to bring joy to your taste buds.  The avocado provides a rich and creamy layer that pops with the lemon juice.  The tomatoes and egg bring more flavor and sustenance, with the drizzle of tahini paste pulling it all together.  Savor it and don't eat to much, it did a great job satisfying us for the afternoon.


December 31, 2016
I hardly ever give 5 stars to a recipe but this one deserves it.  I was a little nervous about the tahini - not usually a fan of this except in my homemade humus.  I actually spread it on the toast before the mashed avocado and I really liked how it added to the flavor-punch.  I did use 3 olives instead of 2 and added some pepper on top.  Really fabulous quick and easy lunch that I will add to my regular rotation.


May 07, 2017
What a great lunch, but could just as easily be breakfast or a light dinner.   I'll make this again and again!