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Often at brunch, the table gets too cramped and there’s hardly enough room for mimosas and coffee. Other times, you can’t decide between the two. But why choose when you can kill two birds with one stone? Oh hello, coffee cocktails. Julia Grossman, events and “vibes” director at Harold’s Meat + Three, prides herself on bringing positive juju to the restaurant with these four boozy brunch pick-me-ups. Learn how to make her favorite tea and coffee cocktails from scratch at home.

Try these if you’re hosting a brunch party or just treating yourself. From a spiked Thai iced tea to a boozy matcha-almond latte, and Irish coffee to dirty chai, discover which coffee- or tea-based cocktail gives you the caffeinated thrill that you want and need to make the most of your weekend. This is how to do boozy, buzzy brunch right.

(Please excuse the technical audio glitches. Stuff happens.)

Thai Iced Tea Cocktail

Thai iced tea, known as cha-yen, is a combination of strongly-brewed black tea and condensed milk, and it’s a national obsession. Give this creamy, rich, orange cocktail a swirl and marvel at its gorgeous color.

Dirty Chai Cocktail

This spiked tea cocktail backed with a caffeine kick and warm spices is a perfect celebration of the cold-brew craze. The base starts with chai tea concentrate and Grossman suggests the store-bought carton from Rishi, but you could also make your own at home. 

Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail

This Irish coffee cocktail is a simple coffee-booze combo made of Irish whiskey, cream liqueur, and cold brew concentrate that’ll get you buzzing quickly. Plus, you can make fresh whipped cream in a cocktail shaker—how’s that for a cool and nifty party trick? Remove the spring from the strainer, place it into the shaker with some heavy cream, and shake, shake, shake.

Iced Matcha Cocktail

Meet your matcha with this green tea powder latte. Almond milk serves as a light and healthy base while vodka, the most neutral-flavored alcohol, is mixed in so that the fragrance and flavor of matcha will still shine through.

How to Make It

Step 1

Pour the Thai iced tea, vodka, and Cointreau into a shaker.

Step 2

Pour the vodka, chai concentrate, cold brew concentrate, and milks into a shaker.

Step 3

Pour the Jameson, Bailey’s, cold brew, simple syrup, and milk into a shaker.

Step 4

Pour the vodka, matcha concentrate, almond milk, and simple syrup into a shaker.

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