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Contrary to popular belief, there is still an oasis in New York City where the brunch lines are nonexistent, the Instagrammers are few and far between, and there's nary a succulent in sight. But to get there, you'll have to (gasp!) leave Park Slope and head uptown. And I mean far uptown. The kind of uptown where you might even spot a deer in a public park. 

This breakfast shangri-la, known as the Bronx Alehouse, has been elevating the Bronx's brunch scene since 2010. This gastropub has a voluminous craft beer selection and is known for creating some of the best beer brunch cocktails in the city. And just seven miles down the road, you'll find the Bronx Brewery, the borough's first large-scale craft beer operation. But Damian Brown, Co-Founder and Head Brewer at the Bronx Brewery, isn't just interested in making pale ales that keep New York City hydrated—he recently paired up with the Bronx Alehouse's James Langstine and mixologist-in-chief Elisabeth Kollas to create four signature cocktails that pair well with a heaping plate of chilaquiles or a hefty platter of chicken and waffles.

Smoke Session

Loaded with mezcal, handmade jalapeño simple syrup, half a can of Bronx Session IPA, and jalapeño peppers to top it all off, a Smoke Session will have you reaching for a plate of huevos rancheros faster than Snoop Dogg grabs for his lighter.  

Deuce’s Juice

Easier than a Sunday morning, Deuce's Juice is the kind of breakfast beer cocktail that sneaks up on you. Deceptively sweet and savory, this brew matches the peppery flavors of a Belgian-style pale ale with a peppercorn punch and a bit of champagne to smooth things out. Topped with a bit of Aperol for a hint of citrusy bitterness, this juice is far from loose.

Lost Sunday

This cocktail is a silent day-killer. It's sweet, crushable, and deceptively strong. Don't be surprised if you stumble out of the bar at noon, only to take a three-hour nap and wonder how the rest of the world is able to function around you. Not that I'd know from experience.

Kingsbridge Mojito

An IPA? In a cocktail? That's how we do things in the Bronx. This isn't your usual basic brunch cocktail, oh no. This mojito uses the Bronx Brewery's new double IPA to deliver a strong, balanced, and straightforward interpretation of the classic mojito. But don't be surprised when this cocktail hits you a buzz. After all, the Boogie Down isn't known for subtlety.  

How to Make It

Step 1

Salt the rim of a pint glass, then fill with ice.

Step 2

Fill pint glass with ice. Add the first three ingredients, then top off with beer. Gently stir.

Step 3

Fill pint glass with ice. Add the first three ingredients, then top off with beer. Gently stir.

Step 4

Take a handful of fresh mint, tear it up, and toss it into a pint glass. Next, add a grapefruit wedge and muddle everything until the grapefruit’s oils have been released (about 10 seconds).

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