Photo: Kelsey Hansen; Styling: Rishon Hanners

They're raw, paleo, vegan, and most importantly... delicious

Sara Tane
June 27, 2017

If your level of skepticism is at an all-time high after reading this headline, we understand. There is no doubt that the internet is saturated with healthy-leaning, no-bake desserts that may look beautiful at first glance, but taste like a spoonful of straight-up sadness. It is with our utmost sincerity that we can promise you that these rich, all-natural tarts are not only gorgeous to the eye, but just as beautiful to the palate. Turn off the oven and whip out your food processor, because these jaw-dropping tarts may just change the course of your summer dessert game.

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Whether you’ve got a weakness for chocolate, or craving something a bit lighter and fruitier, rest assured that there is a tart for you. Getting their natural sweetness from dates, date sugar, cassava syrup (a natural liquid sweetener made from the root of the cassava plant), or quite simply, nothing at all, these delectable treats each offer a mild sweetness that is just enough for an sudden sweet tooth craving, but nothing so intense that it will put you over the edge. Packed with a variety of nuts and coconut products, these tarts are also loaded with healthy fats that will leave you feeling satiated after a few bites. Trust us—they are rich. As much as your eyes might tell you that they want to, you’re not going to be tempted to finish off this dessert in one sitting.*

Photo: Kelsey Hansen; Styling: Rishon Marie

Whether you’re having guests over and need a show-stopping dessert, or you just want a humble treat to indulge on, these elegant pies get the job done (without leaving you feeling like you never want to eat again). Developed by food stylist and avid cook, Rishon Hanners, these desserts are drop dead gorgeous as is. However, if you’re not so much interested with presentation as you are taste (or you just don’t have a tart pan with a removeable bottom), you can easily make these in whatever pie dish or muffin tin (lined with parchment paper) you might have on hand. On that same note, if you don’t have the exact fruit or toppings recommended as garnishes, these tarts are not ones to discriminate, so feel free to use whatever fresh summer fruit you have at home. Just remember, even if yours does not look quite as glamorous, there’s no denying that every bite will be just as joyous.

Photo: Kelsey Hansen; Styling: Rishon Hanners

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*I only mention this because I have envisioned myself consuming the entirety of basically every summer fruit pie I have ever laid eyes on in one sitting.

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