February is the month of love and, though not usually the sappy type, I'm going gaga over the latest recipes from our brands. Ready to indulge? I thought so.


Husbands united over this delicious baked pasta recipe from Southern Living according to our reviewers. Lucy2012 writes, "I also tried this recipe for a pot luck and everybody loved it. I will definitely try it again. My husband love it too and want me to make it again soon so he can get a bigger portion. Thank you, I really enjoyed making this one." KJSBBQ writes, "My husband (yes, it's that easy) made this for dinner. It looked and tasted great! Warm comfort food on a cold night. The only change we made was substituting beef broth for the red wine. Will make again!"


Malted Magic Cookie BarsDo you live for bar cookies? This upgrade on the traditional Hello Dolly or 7-Layer Bar cookie recipe is a must-make from All You. One user suggested swapping in colored M&Ms to fit a fun holiday theme. Hello, homemade Valentine's Day treats!


Take one look at this super salad recipe from Sunset and tell me that it wouldn't make your dinner table look amazing, and have your guests drooling on themselves. If presentation is everything, then this recipe is the pinnacle of food.


It is Valentine's Day (almost) after all, so we couldn't let you go without at least one heart-shaped goodie. Coastal Living got creative with powdered sugar this month and made these too-cute treats. Classic lines, delicious brownies... what could be better?

Come back and see us every month! With hundreds of new recipes going up on our site, I’m here to help you find the four (or so!) must-try dishes each month.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel