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su-Beef Curry Udon (Kare Udon)
su-Chilled Udon Salad (Hiyashi Chuka Udon)
su-Coffee and Ancho Chile Skirt Steak with Green Chile-Apple Relish
su-Grapefruit Shrub
su-Hazelnut Meringues with Kumquat Conserva
su-Indian Baklava
su-Island Breeze
su-Kumquat Conserva
su-Kumquat Mint Salad with Jasmine Dressing
su-Lentil and Kumquat Soup
su-Open-Face Chicken Sandwiches with Celery Root Salad
su-Pickled Ginger (Beni Sho-ga)
su-Pineapple Ginger Mint Shrub
su-Pineapple Salsa
su-Pineapple Shrub Glaze
su-Pineapple Shrub Vinaigrette
su-Roast Duck and Mushroom Udon (Kamo Kinoko Udon)
su-Shrub Fizzy
su-Strong Bonito Stock (Katsuobushi Dashi)
su-Sweet Potato and Chorizo Tacos
su-Udon Broth (Iriko Dashi)
su-Udon with Soft Egg and Green Onion (Onsen Tamago Udon)

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su-Udon with Soft Egg and Green Onion (Onsen Tamago Udon)

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