Because three is the new five.

Five-ingredient recipes have been the media’s darlings of fast and easy cookery. Jamie Oliver and Claire Robinson both based entire food television series on the premise of five-ingredient recipes, and a search for five-ingredient cookbooks will result in over a dozen results. But while there is a definite appeal of a five-ingredient recipe, it feels, I dunno, maybe a little bit 2019 to me.

I mean sure, there is nothing wrong with being able to count your ingredients on one hand, and five is a nice round (not-round) number. But with ingredients being harder to come by, you might need only five but guess what? You can source only four. And then where are you? If the current crisis can turn our science and engineering geniuses into superheroes, surely we can do our part to up the ante on the recipe front.

We need to do more by requiring less. Turns out? In 2020, three is the new five, and I can name that tune in three notes, George.

Here are some of our really fabulous, couldn’t be easier, THREE INGREDIENT recipes. You’re welcome, America. If you decide to make some of these for your favorite front-liner, so much the better. And if your grocery delivery person finds you all three of the ingredients you need for these, your new go-to recipes, please do tip them a little bit extra.

The best 3-ingredient breakfast

For starters, let’s talk breakfast. Because while cereal in a bowl with milk is a two-ingredient wonder, it isn’t exactly something to write home about. Pancakes on the other hand are having a real moment. I eat pancakes maybe twice a year on average and have been having them at least once a week since sheltering at home. I don’t know about you, but there is something about a plate of pancakes that just makes morning better. So check out these three-ingredient pancakes, the new hero of your morning. Recipe: 3-Ingredient Pancakes

The best 3-ingredient lunch

Lunchtime under normal circumstances is often the realm of the sandwich, and there is nothing wrong with slapping some meat and cheese between some carbs. But what if, with a little bit of time and three little ingredients, you could have a hot meaty, cheesy casserole? These three-ingredient sausage squares land in the same magical place that quiche does. They can be a hearty breakfast, a superior brunch item, or a perfect midday meal. Assemble in the morning once you’ve had your coffee, and they can bake during your Zoom meeting. Recipe: 3-Ingredient Sausage Squares

The best 3-ingredient snack

Snacking is a big part how we're eating these days, and running out of chips is just the chance to rev up your repertoire. Try these homemade three-ingredient pita chips or these three-ingredient party worthy appetizers to get your snacking elevated to near-meal status. Recipe: Baked Pita Chips; Recipe: Apricots with Blue Cheese & Mint

The best 3-ingredient dinner

If you are trying to get dinner on the table for your family while holding down your job and homeschooling your littles, what you need is a meal that comes together in three little ingredients. These baked pork chops will have your back, deliciously. Recipe: 3-Ingredient Baked Pork Chops

And worth the wait: TWO great 3-ingredient desserts!

Everyone is baking up a storm right now, and just because ingredients are limited, doesn’t mean you have to abstain. The best part of these three-ingredient cookies is that they start with boxed cake mix, so you can literally make them with any flavor that is available! Recipe: 3-Ingredient Cookies

If you are more of an assembly person than a baker, try these chocolate ganache sandwich cookies. They start with a store-bought cookie, so minimal muss and fuss, but maximum chocolate power. One, two, three! Recipe: Chocolate Ganache Sandwich Cookies