Passover Recipes

Find delicious seder and kosher recipes for Passover, including brisket, macaroons, and matzo balls.

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How to Use Up All That Matzo You Bought for Passover

These ideas are so easy and delicious you may find yourself running out to buy even more.
By Stacey Ballis

Desserts for Passover

Be the star of the Seder with these Passover-friendly desserts

Why I Make Matzo Brei Into Fritters for Passover

The dish makes me feel connected to my heritage.
By Rebecca Firkser

Foods That Are Better During Passover

This is the week to pick up Fox's U-Bet
By Matthew Kassel

A Perfect Passover

This collection of savory side dishes and desserts rounds out a Passover table–or any meal–in fine style.
By Marcy Goldman

Sweet or Savory, Matzo Brei Is a Mushy Passover Marvel

Loving matzo is a privilege reserved almost exclusively for goyim—that is, non-Jews who have never been obliged to make a big cracker into a "pizza" or otherwise forgo leavened bread for a week each spring during Passover.
By Caroline Lange

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