No-Cook Recipes

Whip up killer no-cook desserts, mains, salads, and appetizers without turning a knob. We've got great ideas for easy suppers (and more) that save time and energy in the kitchen.

Editors' Picks

No-Cook Appetizers

Summer entertaining is easy with these delicious appetizers that keep you on the porch–and out of the kitchen.

No-Cook Side Dishes

There are better things to do during the summer months than to stand in a hot kitchen preparing food.

15 Genius No-Cook Summer Desserts

While it's close to impossible to avoid these cranking up the heat when cooking dinner, doesn't have to be so for the sweet stuff. 

No-Cook Dinners

Give the grill and oven a break and beat the heat by serving dinners that don't require any cooking.

30 No-Cook Recipes for Labor Day

These no-cook appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts will keep you—and your kitchen—nice and cool, no matter how hot Labor Day gets. 

No-Cook Summer Salads

Keep your kitchen cool and your stomach full with these nutrient-packed main-dish salad recipes.

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