For a long time, my husband and I were hopelessly in love with the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza from Papa John's. Not only is this pizza incredibly delicious, but we loved being able to order online - not to mention being able to put the tip on our card. This pizza has been so popular in our house that I'd actually planned to write this blog post about it

That is, until last night. Home from a weekend away, we wanted a quick dinner and pizza sounded like a winner. On a whim, we decided to check out the Domino's menu online. We used to order from them all the time, but the super-easy online ordering (and sinfully delicious garlic butter sauce) lured us away to Papa John's. Much to our surprise, Domino's now offers online ordering too! And as someone who works with a website every day, I've come to appreciate a well working site when I see it. The Domino's site is incredibly easy to use and offers a Pizza Tracker, which tracks your pizza from order to delivery. Ours was accurate to 2-3 minutes and yes, it did arrive under 30 minutes! Since we can (and did) build a pizza similar to our Papa John's fave, I can see us becoming loyal Domino's customers all over again.