My new summer salad is grilled romaine lettuce hearts. About 6 months ago, everyone was raving about it at work. (We work, live, breathe, and daydream recipes.) I never got around to trying it, but the latest recipe in Cooking Light pushed me over the edge.

It was more than expected. The grill singes the lettuce, giving the salad rich flavor with a little sweetness. Plus it's beautiful, and I'm a huge fan of aesthetic eats.

I kept the prep simple; halved the romaine hearts, doused with olive oil, and then sprinkled some fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Grilled for about 3 minutes, cut side down. I was going to serve with a cracked peppercorn caesar dressing, but it didn't need it at all.

My husband and I are heading up to Blue Ridge next weekend. I plan to show off my new find. (I'm in charge of planning the meals.)

Saturday Night Cabin Menu:
BYO steak
Grilled romaine lettuce salads (1/4 heart per person)
Roasted new potatoes
Peach and blueberry galettes

If you try it--or have tried it--let me know what you think. I bet there are a ton of variations. Anne suggested dousing with raspberry vinaigrette and then grilling. Sounds good to me.