And it tastes like Oreos.
Credit: Walmart

Yoo-hoo is such a mystery to me. In theory, it should be gross. It’s basically watered down chocolate milk that looks like dirty dishwater.

But, against all odds, the nostalgic drink is actually downright delicious.

As much as I enjoy the occasional Yoo-hoo, I’ve never really delved into its many flavors—which apparently include chocolate, strawberry, chocolate banana, chocolate strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate caramel.

Also, unbeknownst to me, a cookies and cream flavor existed about 10 years ago.

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If you’ve been pining for the drink for the last decade, I have some amazing news for you: It’s coming back! Thanks to Delish for bringing this to our attention.

Instagram account @mnmtwinz said the flavor tastes like Oreos.

“As soon as we tried this, we both agreed that it tasted exactly like something we’ve already had; which makes sense since we always eat Oreos,” the caption reads. “Then we narrowed this flavor down to tasting similar to Oreo O’s milk (although Yoo-hoo technically isn’t a milk beverage). We’ve got to do a sampling of all the Yoo-Hoo flavors and rank them, but this is high on the list! We’re not mad that we bought two 10 packs on site.”

The Yoo-hoo Cookies & Cream has been spotted at Walmart and is listed on the superstore’s website.