It pairs well with activities like “huntin’, fishin’, muddin’, or dippin’.”
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yee yee
Credit: Yee Yee

Whether it’s guzzling a Monster to get through the workday or drinking a Red Bull to get aggro before heading to the club, energy drinks are a daily part of life for millions of Americans of all stripes. But if you’re the kind of down-home caffeine lover who has ever thought “all these danged energy drinks are made by and for coastal liberal elites,” there is finally an energy drink that you can chug while brandishing an American flag and firing a shotgun into the air.

You’ve heard that right, patriots: Yee Yee Energy is the only country-fried caffeinated beverage on the market that’s made to power REAL Americans. According to its product description, Yee Yee is “created for the hardworking, outdoor loving, 2nd amendment supporting Americans that make this Country [sic] the greatest Nation [sic] in the world.” It goes without saying that Yee Yee is proudly made in the USA.

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The energy drink came to be some time after country musician Granger Smith’s brothers filmed what would become a viral music video that concluded with “yee yee,” a quote heard ‘round parts of the country that eventually birthed a catchphrase and gave the energy drink its name. The rest is history.

So when should one drink Yee Yee Energy? Glad you asked. Their website advises you “wake up [picture of a gun] crack a cold one [picture of a gun] get dressed [picture of a gun] and start the day.” It pairs well with activities like “huntin’, fishin’, muddin’ or dippin’,” making it the perfect companion to outdoor activities and/or using chewing tobacco, in case that’s a thing that tires you out for some reason.

Don’t just take Yee Yee’s word for it. The reviews paint a picture of an energy drink that features 23 grams of sugar, 80 grams of caffeine, and a whole lotta liquid freedom.


So if you’re looking for an energy drink that will keep you alert in the outdoors and just generally help you live as country as possible, look no further than Yee Yee Energy. Or just continue with another drink that doesn’t consider the process of ingesting caffeine to be some sort of ideological project.