The perfect first date accessory. 
wine purse
Credit: PortoVino

A coworker of mine recently relayed a bizarre anecdote at our team’s Galentine’s Day party: Her friend (because this definitely happened to a “friend” and not Antara Sinha, MyRecipes’ associate social media editor) went to see a movie on a first date, as one does. Her date showed up in an oversized coat, which she found a bit odd considering the balmy weather.

“What’s with the coat?” she asked.

“I have chicken in my pockets,” he responded.

She assumed this to be a joke—albeit an odd one—and moved on.

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A few minutes later, after they had taken their seats in the dark theatre and the trailers began to play, he did the unthinkable: This man pulled a full rotisserie chicken (torn off the bone) out of his pockets and began to eat.

I know what you’re thinking: “I clicked on an article about a wine purse. Why am I reading a story about a first date that was foiled by pocket meat?”

There’s a perfectly good reason for that. Unlike a rotisserie chicken, this wine-filled bag with two spouts is totally acceptable to bring on a movie date. (Even though I know it’s technically against the rules and blah blah blah.)

Seriously, I dare you to imagine a scenario in which someone brings a wine purse on a first date that doesn’t end in marriage.

PortoVino, the company behind the original Wine Purse, recently debuted this stunner:


Isn’t she gorgeous? The fashionable tote discreetly holds up to two different bottles of wine in its insulated “party pouches.”

Its roomy interior will also hold all the essentials, like makeup and rotisserie chickens.

Consider us sold.

Buy it here.