By Virginia Switzer
July 29, 2009

I just returned from a long, relaxing weekend in the Napa Valley area and I’m still trying to sortthrough all the wonderful information I found while visiting numerousvineyards and cellars. My family and I stayed in Yountville, a quaint town with fantastic culinarycuisine located in the middle of wine country. I wanted to share a few basictips I discovered in Wine 101.

Five Wine Tips for Dummies… like myself

1.  When you have a freshly poured glass of wine in front ofyou don’t start swirling a swishing it around. Let it sit for a second then takea little whiff around the middle of the glass. Swirl it a bit and smellagain.  The aromas are completely different.  It’s quite unique.  

2.  Try to nibble on a little bite of cracker or sip somewater in between the different wine selections. This will help cleanse your palateso you can fully enjoy the next wine.

3.    Open a bottle of wine at least 30 minutes before youserve to guests. This will give it a little time to breath.


4.   Unless you have awine refrigerator storing wine in the kitchen is a big “no no.” All the energyand temperature fluctuation can ruin a good bottle. Look for a closet in themiddle of your house.


5.   If you open a bottle of red and the smell doesn’t matchthe taste then it’s bad. But don’t just throw it out make red wine vinegar!