Holley Johnson Grainger
May 07, 2008

The SPC Digital group (MyRecipes.com and MyHomeIdeas.com) is ALWAYS looking for reasons to celebrate. So whether we're popping open a bottle of bubbly to commemorate a milestone month, toast an engagement, or just need a treat on a Friday, we love to bust out the sparkly.

Recently, I introduced our group to one of my all-time favorite new products, Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup from Australia. Everyone LOVED them so they have become a staple at our little gatherings. We love how the flower bud actually “blooms” in your glass (or coffee mug/styrofoam cup if that is all we have in the office that day) and adds a subtle fresh flavor and crimson hue to the sparkling wine.

So liven up your next lady’s brunch, bridal tea, birthday party, or casual gathering with these unique little flowers.

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