2020, the year of Covid-19 and whipped drinks.

Perhaps one of the strangest effects of the 2020 pandemic is how it’s warped our perception of time. March felt like it lasted for three years, while April went by in a matter of hours. On what I assume is a related note, the rate at which new TikTok and Instagram-based food trends develop seem to be accelerating as well.

That would at least explain why whipped/”Dalgona” coffee is already so last month to the point that the world has moved onto something called “Whipped Peanut Butter Milk.” Seemingly invented by Instagram foodfluencer @SweetPortfolio, whipped peanut butter milk is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—and it sounds delicious.

Given that you’re probably more likely to have peanut butter than instant coffee at home, the prep process for this viral dairy-based dessert couldn’t be simpler. According to @SweetPortfolio’s recipe, you just need two tablespoons of (preferably non-salty) peanut butter, a tablespoon of sugar, and a half cup of heavy whipping cream. Just combine those ingredients in a bowl and “whip until your arm goes numb and you achieve a creamy, fluffy texture."

From there, you can serve it iced over “your favorite milk,” which personally feels like an odd choice. An iced coffee would probably work just as well, turning this into a sort of spiritual successor to Dalgona coffee that still gets you your caffeine fix. Anyways, for bonus internet clout, you can smear a rim of peanut butter with Reese’s Pieces attached to it.

So if you’re desperate for food to post on social media but can’t find the yeast you need to bake or the patience to try something that takes more than a few minutes, Whipped Peanut Butter Milk might be right to you. Only at a time like this when both society and meaning collapses could that particular combination of words make sense.