It’s like a creamy reverse latte made from instant coffee.

In the past week, an increasing number of coffee shops have scaled back or suspended service because of, well, you know. That’s left a lot of coffee addicts to fend for themselves, scrambling to figure out how to use that French press that’s been sitting untouched in the back of their cabinet for months.

But if you consider yourself both bored and knowledgeable about at-home coffee preparation, you might want to know about a new TikTok trend that can help you caffeinate and stave off boredom. It’s called whipped coffee, and it looks pretty cool, at least as far as the end result of this viral post is concerned.

If you focus on the TikTok, it should be pretty easy to follow along with how to make Whipped Coffee, but here’s the gist of it: you combine instant coffee, sugar, and hot water in equal parts into a bowl. Once it’s whipped up, serve over ice and (almond) milk and enjoy. Another viral TikTok breaks down the process in pretty precise, useful detail.

Coffee impresario @Newt120 notes that while it is a time consuming process to get that hot water, instant coffee, and sugar whipped into shape, anyone in quarantine should have plenty of time and not much else to do.

Sure, coffee snobs out there would probably rather go without than resort to instant coffee, but you have to admit the end result of this “reverse latte” is gorgeous. At the very least, it’s a nice way to change things up in case you’re feeling sick of the same coffee day after day while stuck at home. And who knows? Maybe the Zoomers will help you go viral on TikTok from the comforts of home.