Chocolate is fine, but show us the wine.

By Kimberly Holland
November 14, 2018

Emojis are a language unto their own. The master emoji user can say in five emojis what mere mortals need three sentences, a bit of hyperbole, and an open-ended question to express.

Indeed, why bother typing out, “Let’s get some pizza and beer at the bar after work. I’ve had a day from the pits of hell. What is this life even?” when you can show [pizza] [beer] and [person running]. Everyone gets that. It’s well understood, and yes, see you then.

Your most-used emojis also tell the world a lot about you. Lots of heart-eyed faces and kiss-blowing faces. You’re a guaranteed sweetheart. (Probably a big hugger too, right?) Anger faces and fire emojis? You might need a therapist or at least some yoga and a beer.

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Break out your phone, and look at your most-used emojis. Match your top food emoji with the list below, and we think you’ll probably learn a bit about yourself.


You’re a stalwart among your friends and co-workers. You’re hardworking, but more importantly, you’re reliable. Like a good bourbon, you’re best taken in slowly and appreciated as you grow more complex and interesting. You’re also not afraid to let down from time to time—but in a refined and sophisticated way, of course. “A two-finger pour, ma’am?” “Make it three,” you whisper back to the barkeep, “I’ve had a week.”


You’re a kind and sweet soul with a firm understanding of who you are. Sure, you’re a little aloof, a little different, but everyone’s only heard good things about you. You have a lot of acquaintances but perhaps only a small handful of close friends. Listen, it’s OK if people don’t get you at first. Like a mango, you’ve got a bit of a tough skin, but once someone gets you—and we mean really gets you—they love every second.

Egg in a Skillet

You were voted Most Dependable in high school, weren’t you? You want to know why? Because you just never let anyone down. You’re beloved and appreciated. You do a great job of bringing together people that maybe don’t match always, but somehow, there’s magic when you’re there. You bring warmth and comfort to your frazzled friends, and you help sort out life’s questions for those who feel a little too scrambled to think straight. You’re a good egg, which is why your friends list only grows longer.


You’re a high-energy, big-picture kind of person. Ideas flow out of you like water from a fish fountain, and your execution is often a work of art. You tend to snap your fingers a lot, trying to generate extra brain synapses and connect all those dots in your head with that silly string that is your genius. You procrastinate, too, but you’re just waiting for genius to strike. (Which it usually does.) But, like, coffee, you’re burn out quickly. Your brilliancy comes in bursts. When you’re done, you’re done—that is, until your next cup of coffee.


Sunday Funday and weekend brunches were made for you. You’ve never met a mimosa bar you didn’t love. You’re cheeky, flirty, and a bit sassy. You’ve got gold in your glasses and glitter in your nails. No one has ever accused you of being underdressed for anything in your life. You like the finer things, and that’s great because you work for them, too. You’re fresh and bright, and your friends love you for always bringing a bit of life out in them, too.


Pizza people know how to keep things real. You’re laid-back and comfortable, but you’re always sharp and dressed to impress. You don’t see a lot of need for fancy things or big flourishes. You have a formula for everything—relationships, work, fun—and you don’t mess with it.


Your life was an open book before Instagram came around, but it seems now, more than ever, your free spirit keeps getting cooler. You did escape rooms before anyone knew what those were. You were first in line for the rainbow grilled cheese. You’ve been known to drive two hours for a dipped ice cream cone because you know how awesome the photo will look in your feed. Your phone is always in your hand, camera button ready, so you can show your loyal followers how much you love this life. You do you. The rest of us love to live vicariously through your feed.


You’re mischievous, a practical joker. You make everyone laugh with your wit and—well, let’s be honest here—your potty humor. You’re a 12-year-old boy at heart, and that’s kind of what your friends love about you.

Tropical Drink

You’re the vagabond, the wanderer, the rambler who has nomad blood in your veins. You’re never settled for long, and even when you are, you’ve got your eye on the next adventure. You’re one cheap flight to the Caribbean away from a weekend of adventure and fun. You’re laid-back—you’re practically on island time all the time. Your friends love for you to regale them with tales of your many journeys, if only for a second so that they can take an escape from reality themselves.


You’re as sweet as pie (though that emoji would be too on-the-nose, don’t you think?) and are adored by your friends and co-workers. That’s because you do a really good job of balancing everything in your life—the sweet and the, well, salty. You’re a natural-born leader, but you also know how to be a part of the team. You’re not afraid for others to shine, and you can always steer people who’ve lost their way back with your centered, decisive personality.