It's a new year and the time for resolutions, so I did an informal poll of our staff to see if they had made any cooking goals for the new year. The question was "What recipe are you going to master this year?" Here's how we're going to be spending our time in the kitchen:

Our production assistant Deanne Revel says, "I'm obsessed with French macaroons. I tried to make them last year…but I charred them. Feeling good about 2012!


Jennifer Richards, the web content director for Southern Living, Sunset and Coastal Living is determined to make a really good French Onion Soup and souffled gouda grits! Can you say comfort food?


From Claire Machamer, Southern "I was going to do a layer cake for Christmas, but didn't have time. I still haven't ever made a good one. So my goal would be layer cake – one that I don't have to serve in a bowl like my last one."


Our nutrition editor (and new mom) Holley Grainger is going to make homemade baby food, starting with sweet potatoes.

I'm going to master feijoada, a Brazilian stew of black beans and pork. I fell in love with the dish when I was in Brazil and have never been able to replicate those flavors in my American kitchen. It's not a hard recipe to make, but I'm going to fiddle with it until I get it just right.


Leigh Corra, our studio manager, says that she would like to get a step beyond her go-to meals. "When I’m in a time crunch, for the past several years, there have been a few standard suppers I will always happily prepare. I’d like that whole selection to change. Maybe one of the offerings would be a curry, or a soup. I want to fix something with chimichurri, just because I like the name. And something in the slow cooker, absolutely. I am not using my slow-cooker at all but would like to."

Let us know what you're cooking in the new year. If you need some ideas for classic recipes, see 15 Recipes to Make Before You Die.