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Frying, baking, and boiling—oh my!

Darcy Lenz
May 18, 2018

If you’re into French fries (in other words, if you’re a living, breathing human), MyRecipes was the place to be this week. Like, even more than it usually is. 

Did you know that making gloriously-crisp French fries at home is 100% doable? It is. It simply requires a step you might not think to take: a preliminary round of frying. That’s right. The key to achieving restaurant-quality French fries in you own kitchen is frying them twice—once at a low temperature to give the starchy potato sticks a chance to start cooking all the way through, and again at a higher temperature to complete the cooking process and create that signature crispy coating. Oh, and don’t forget to hit them with salt as soon as they come out of the hot oil; this is key. 

And once you have a platter of deep-fried taters, well, you’re probably not going to regret loading them up with bacon, cheese, and whatever other toppings you fancy. To take those loaded fries even further on the YES, PLEASE spectrum, you may wanna grab a bottle of this hot sauce infused with truffle oil. Sure, sounds fancy, but you know you deserve it… it’s the freakin weekend—go on and have you some fun. Supposing you opt to keep your French fry game simple in the interest of serving them alongside succulent burgers, steak, or any other meaty goodness you might be grilling up, there’s a fair enough chance you’ll find yourself with a few leftover; don’t toss them! Even if it’s just a handful, you can repurpose your fries into tomorrow’s brunch—here’s how. 

Speaking of brunch, you know what other culinary feat tends to intimidate home cooks? Poaching eggs. Think about it; much like French fries, many of us are all about ordering a dish topped off with a delicate poached egg while out to eat, but when you’re at home in your own kitchen craving the same thing… you start to talk yourself down to settling for fried or scrambled. They’re safe, you know how to make them. I get it, believe me. The thing is, poaching eggs can feel just as approachable, if not more so—with this easy oven technique. Seriously, it’s a game changer. Give it a go.

Let’s just keep riding this breakfast train for just a sec. I think it’s important to address that not every day is the kind of day that you’re poaching eggs for your morning meal. In fact, I’d say most days plenty of us need a helping hand with getting any semblance of a morning meal together at all. Which is where Trader Joe’s comes into play (naturally). Good ol’ TJ’s can make making breakfast—not to mention, actually feeling motivated to get up in time to eat breakfast—easier, as long as you know what to buy. Here are eight items one staffer finds particularly qualified for the job. Got breakfast covered, but need a little assistance with dinner? Target is more helpful than you might think

WATCH: Mom vs. the Supermarket

So many stores, so many options—right? There’s no doubt about the fact that grocery shopping isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially when you’re busy and shopping on a budget, looking to score the most bang for your buck. Grocery shopping efficiently on all fronts is a highly personal practice that takes experience, thought, and a bit of trial and error. Frankly, it’s something I’m still trying to figure out the right approach on. That’s why I called on your expertise and asked readers to share their own grocery shopping strategies… and I was honestly blown away at the highly refined systems you shared. I applaud you and plan to take a page from your book, but I’m not gonna lie, there will probably be a few sessions of #procrastibaking happening between now and the time I legitimately sit down and work this out. 

I’ve been a long-time fan of procrastibaking (far before it even warranted a hashtag), but if that’s not your jam or you’re simply not trying to crank up the oven right now, might I suggest gathering up a few friends and putting on a good seafood boil as an alternative to addressing your stressful responsibilities this weekend? Le Creuset released a new line of stock pots that are perfect for the occasion, so you might as well.  "Procrastiboiling" isn’t quite as catchy or logical of a portmanteau, but it’s fine. You don’t need to mark your life choices with witty labels when you have lobster. 

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