We're ready for ya, spring. Where you at?

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane
Updated March 23, 2018
Gluten Free Brownie Boxed Mixes
Credit: Sara Tane

Spring hath arrived, but it’s still questionable if spring hath sprung. Regardless, the folks here at MyRecipes are starting to get all the way excited for a new season and all of the warmth (A.K.A. fresh produce) that it has to offer. As much as we love our slow cooker stews and our heart-warming casseroles, we’re more than ready to give those a break while we get in the mood for SPRING.

We started the week off on a wholesome note with a gluten-free boxed brownie taste test. It’s called journalism, have you heard of it? The winner was a close call, but honestly, it had most of us fooled. None of our staffers may technically follow a gluten free diet, but with brownies like those, maybe we could. All of that is to say that the winner didn’t even come close to touching the fudgy texture and chocolatey flavor of our favorite regular boxed brownie, but we’ll take what we can get.

Moving right along, we dug deep into the hyper seasonal fresh produce. We’re talking about the kind that might slide into your grocery store or farmers’ market for a brief, fleeting period, and you won’t see them again until next year. Read: if you want to get your hands on these (little) gems*, you better get that behind of yours in your car ASAP and head to the store before they’re long gone.

The preparation for spring and all that it has to offer doesn’t end there. We perused the wonderful aisles of Costco and found some A+ products that you might want to invest in if you’re planning on hosting or entertaining as the weather gets warmer. Higher temperatures aren’t the only thing that come along with the arrival of spring–the urge to clean is in full force, too. While for most, that means going through the dreaded closet or giving the ol’ kitchen a gruesome scrub, for us, it also means cleaning our diets. Ready for a little shake up or a refresh on your day-to-day eating? We’ve got some thoughts.

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In the race to get your body back on track, don’t get too caught up in measuring yourself up to others–after all, comparison is the thief of all joy. However, when it comes to comparisons, there’s one side-by-side analysis that we fully support, and that’s appliances. We dove deep into what makes stand blender and immersion blenders different, as well as what distinguishes toasters from toaster ovens. All in all, it was another productive week at the MyRecipes HQ, mainly because we uncovered these irresistible products for the G&T lover in your life. Which reminds us, we’re ready for a cocktail. Hey, it’s the end of the week–you earned it, champ.

*I love puns.