Breakfast was kind of all that mattered. 

By Darcy Lenz
February 23, 2018
sandoclr/Getty Images

I know it’s supposed to be a good thing, but have you ever noticed how a “short week” at work usually ends up feeling like you tripped and fell into some agonizingly eternal blackhole of mysterious life-sucking energy? 

I don’t mean to complain about a long weekend; to be clear, I think they’re amazing. I feel strongly that they should be more of a regular occurrence so that an extra day of not being glued to a computer screen doesn’t completely annihilate my perception of time. All of which is to say, if you were fortunate enough to have President’s Day off, and are likewise dragging your feet to the finish line this week… to you I say, we’re almost there! We did it! On that note, you know what else we (well, the MyRecipes staff “we”) did? 

Clearly, we came into this four-day work week with leisurely weekend mornings still on the brain because waffles were the word on Tuesday. I mean, after a weekend of truly wondrous waffling, I felt a sincere obligation to tell the world about the waffle iron that’s made all the difference for me. I’ll be the first to admit, it might not be the waffle iron I’d have selected for myself out of a line-up, but I will remain eternally grateful that this piece of cookware found its way to me nonetheless. Seriously though, this stovetop iron is everything I never new I needed from a  waffle maker… and considering how much I love waffles, that’s saying something. One of my favorite things about it? Cleaning this baby is So. Dang. Easy. 

Of course, if you’re not in the market for a new iron and are still kicking it with your electric waffle maker, I’d be willing to bet you’ve not cleaned that sucker recently—and by “recently,” I mean ever. And that’s not because you’re some sloppy heathen, it’s because cleaning a waffle maker is generally a complete buzzkill. Especially after a lovely, leisurely breakfast. But look, ’tis the season of spring cleaning, you just need to do it. Whether your iron has removable plates (ideal) or not (annoying), we broke down how to go about giving yours a thorough cleaning. Sorry to be a pushy pain about it, we’ve just been on a bit of a cleaning kick around here ever since the whole insects-in-the-Instant-Pot thing. (Side note about that—I’ve received a couple of e-mails this week re: this article expressing concerns that the creepy crawlies in the photo appear to be something other than maggots… And while that may very well be—I am certainly no authority on insects and I identified them as maggots simply because the owner of the Instant Pot and a couple of onlookers identified them as such—I just want to say, that’s a little besides the major point of concern here. Which is the fact that the condensation cup, an easily neglected part on many models of Instant Pot, needs to be cleaned out regularly or else you run the risk of turning your beloved multi-cooker into a breeding ground for disgustingness.) 


Anyway, if literally none of this pertains to you because you don’t waffle and happen to fancy yourself more of a pancake person, I’d highly recommend trying your hand at making crêpes this weekend. It’s actually pretty easy, but feels a bit fancier than your typical short stack. And buddy, you made it through this week—you deserve a touch of fancy. Or heck, if you wanna keep things simple and savory, go for eggs. However, before you get cracking on your omelet, frittata, or other egg-cellent breakfast of choice, you might wanna read our writer’s take on why it’s actually worth dropping a couple extra bucks on your next carton. 

P.S. Do you know what both crepes and eggs have in common (besides being cherished brunching foods)? Both are exponentially easier to cook in a nonstick skillet, and both are exponentially more appetizing without a sprinkling of flaked teflon in them… And on that note, here are the most common ways folks mishandle their nonstick cookware and how to do better. 

Believe it or not, we did actually think about things other than breakfast adjacent subject matter this week— such as Costco sheet cakes, and the fact that they’re awesome for every occasion, including your wedding. And beyond that, well, I guess we’re ready to have another long weekend. If you too are so beyond ready for a “spring break,” just be sure that you’re kitchen is ready for it too. As in, deal with your produce drawer (don’t forget, freezing can be a helpful option), straighten up, take out the trash, and be on your way.