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Knowledge is power, folks. 

Darcy Lenz
April 27, 2018

By and large, this has been a week rich… in very practical information. 

I know that doesn’t sound tremendously exciting or entertaining, but hey—the value of being well informed on average matters of day to day living is hugely undervalued in our society. And if it’s thrills you seek, just imagine the moment when you’re gathered with a group of friends and someone mentions that they recently wanted to make their own poke at home, but every recipe they’ve found calls for “sushi-grade” fish, and they weren’t sure what that meant or where they could buy such fish. YOU could be the one to cooly clarify that there is no official, regulated standard for sushi-grade fish, it’s actually more of a marketing term… but it essentially means the absolute freshest, highest-quality seafood your fish monger can offer. Your face will read confidently relaxed and full of worldly sophistication, but inside, you know how exhilarating it is to be the person at the table with the answers that matter. Just picture it. 

WATCH: How to Make a Tuna Poke Bowl

Okay, so besides raw fish, we also took a hard look at meal planning and why it doesn’t seem to work out so well for some of us. The thing is, successful meal planning all comes down to strategically identifying the right types of recipes. Which, again, I realize “strategically identifying” doesn’t exactly sound like an ultra glamorous or exhilarating process, but it will save you from losing a fat chunk of your paycheck to the Whole Foods salad bar. And there’s great satisfaction to be found in that. 

You know where else you’re apt find immense culinary satisfaction? In making something utterly delicious with the leftover frosting or glaze that you were *this* close to throwing out after you finished coating the sweet treat you initially made it for. 

Also, I just want to say, there is a time to use cornstarch and there is a time to use flour—knowing the difference will determine how far you will go in the art of thickening sauces. Clearly, the moral of this week has been that knowledge is power, so let’s load you up with a little more. Here’s everything you need to know about adobo seasoning, everything you need to know about Panch Phoron, everything you need to know about Carolina Reaper Peppers, and everything you need to know about bringing someone (who is sick/injured, who recently experienced a loss, who recently gained a new addition to the family, etc.) a meal. Can you feel the power pulsing through your veins yet? 

Just to make doubly sure, let’s get you set with some seasonally relevant recipes! First and foremost, let’s look at all the ways to to make the most of juicy, ripe strawberries. However, if you buy strawberries at the farmers’ market this weekend and they turn out to be not so ripe and juicy, here’s a few savvy ways to deal with it. You likely won’t find these at your local farmer’s market this weekend (more power to you if you do), but we’re also in full support of you eating more mangos as the weather warms up. And finally, to balance out all of this fresh produce—here are 29 seasonally relevant cheese recipes. You’re welcome and happy Friday. 

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