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We have a special edition of lessons learned this week. 

Darcy Lenz
April 20, 2018

OK, the actual most significant thing that the MyRecipes team learned this week is that saying goodbyes (to people you actually like) are awfully hard. So in light of the fact that today is our beloved assistant editor’s last day with MyRecipes, we’re totally going to shirk saying goodbye before she heads off to new and exciting, food-filled adventures with FeedFeed. Instead, we’re going to take this opportunity to reflect upon and dedicate this #MyTake to the many things we have learned from the one, the only, Sara Tane. 

10 Crucial Life Lessons from Sara Tane

Photo: Sara Tane

1. If you have bundt pan and a dream, anything is possible. 

Whether sculpting a Halloween candy-stuffed pumpkin or constructing the greatest meatloaf experience the world has ever known, there is no limit to what one can accomplish with their trusty bundt pan.

Sara Tane

2. Slather all that you can (which is basically everything) with tahini—your life will be better for it. 

But make sure you’re slathering the right tahini. Here are a few dishes to start with: 

Oh, and every now and again, you should whip it—whip it good. 

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3. If you’re trying to be trendy, put a pineapple on it. 

This particular stroke of wisdom stemmed from Sara’s attempt to explain to a table full of confused editors that posing with pineapples in one’s social media photos is a “cool girl” thing to do. This was a priceless moment I will treasure for all time. 

I don’t have any kids but you can still call me uMAMI

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4. A golden yolked egg and a well-painted thumb nail are your BFFs when it comes to Instagram. 

They're sure working for @what_she_ate, at least. 

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5. Your shoe game is everything. 

Success in the kitchen, and in life, starts with slipping into the right pair of comfortable, stylish sneaks. And as someone who used to work in the test kitchen wearing 4-inch wedges, this lesson is one I will personally remain forever grateful for.

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6. Plates are absolutely unnecessary. 

If it can’t be consumed out of a bowl, perhaps you should question whether or not it’s even worth eating. #bowling 


7. A jar of pickles is a jar of opportunity… just waiting to be unleashed.

Let’s just say pickle ice cream was a somewhat polarizing treat around the office. 

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8. Cabbage. Needs. Love. Too

Never have I ever come across someone who understood and sincerely appreciated this oft misunderstood crucifer quite like Sara. 

Sara Tane

9.  Fiber One is the only cereal that matters.

This statement is the light, the truth, and the way. Not much of a breakfast cereal person? It’s fine, get your fiber going in this delightful, digestive-friendly pie

Sara Tane

10. You don’t need a culinary degree to make great food and have an all-around great time in the kitchen. 

This is perhaps the greatest truth Sara offered to us on a weekly basis via the hit Facebook Watch show, Homemade vs. the Internet. Regardless of your knife skills or your ability to make a flawless meringue, if you’re bringing people together over a plate of food and having some fun in the process—you, my friend, are #CHEFFIN. 

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