If the concept of leftover barbecue is unfamiliar to you, let me explain. Sometimes you just cook too much meat, or some of your friends don't show up, or maybe you now have a lot of friends who are vegetarians. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself with some extra ribs, Boston butt or barbecue chicken. Instead of eating the same meal over and over again, we have a few suggestions for not letting that meat go to waste.

(1) Chopped Barbecue Chicken Salad Although this recipe actually calls for rotisserie chicken and bottled barbecue sauce, you can use leftover barbecue chicken and a little bit of extra barbecue sauce. It also calls for broken tortilla chips, so you might just have some of those left over, too.


(2) BBQ Chicken Salad Subs Instead of serving your barbecue (again) in a bun, try serving it in a sub roll and topping with fresh corn and spinach. If you grilled corn for the 4th of July and have some left, this is a great way to use it. This recipe calls for chicken, but you can make it with leftover pork and it might even be better!


(3) Double-Stuffed Barbecue PotatoesThere is a barbecue restaurant here in the South called Jim 'n Nick's and you can order a gigantic baked potato stuffed with barbecue called "Pig in the Potato Patch". You can make your own using this recipe as a starting place and top with your choice of barbecue pork or chicken plus cheese, onions, tomato, sour cream and bacon. You might just want to go ahead and set aside a bit of barbecue so you actually will have some left over in order to make this tasty 'tater!


If you actually do have leftover barbecue after the holiday, please let us hear about your creative ideas for using it in other recipes. We're thinking pizzas, wraps, omelets, or maybe a stir-fry? We'll be waiting to hear from you.