So now that Thanksgiving is quickly becoming a distant memory (was it really FOUR days ago?), the refrigerator speaks another story. Leftover turkey on one shelf, stuffing on another and what's that? A little bit of gravy too? If you just can't face another plate of Thanksgiving food, why not serve it up Stromboli style? It's quick to make and is a perfect way to use up some of your leftovers, but give a little twist on them so they look like something d


ifferent than what you've eaten for the past few days.

Rachael Ray introduced her Thanksgiving Stromboli on her daytime talk-show last year, and we liked it then, and liked it again last night. Now it's your turn! This is the perfect vehicle to also take care of your family's own individual tastebuds. Since you're making them one at a time, if someone doesn't like stuffing, leave it out. Extra cheese? Yes, please! I thought I could get my husband to eat cranberry sauce if I hid it on the bottom. Apparently not. No matter, more for me.

See recipe for Thanksgiving Stromboli here