Last night, I cooked my first official dinner for Brian (husband of 20-someodd days) and his parents. Now, I've cooked for them before, so this isn't a huge stress spot, but I DO work for a food website and they know I like to cook, so there's always a little (good!) pressure.

Instead of making something new, I went for one of my favorite dishes, Coq au Vin. I wrote about it here in February, after a made it to rave reviews for a Valentine's Day dinner with my then-fiance. It sounds fancy, tastes delicious, and is shockingly easy to make, so long as you plan ahead just a bit. Marinate the chicken overnight, brown it in a dutch oven, and let it simmer in a yummy red wine-rosemary-bay leaf sauce for an hour and twenty minutes, which was long enough for me to make mashed potatoes and homemade rosemary bread to go along with the meal and read last week's PEOPLE magazine.

If you're looking for an impressive-sounding dish that's delicious and has just the right elements of quality comfort food (did I mention red wine and mashed potatoes?), then this is definitely it. Plus, it's light! It has only 11.2 grams of fat per serving for this four-serving recipe, though the last time we made it, it fed Brian and I about three times each.

The in-laws loved it, and told me I can be chef for the summer. Uh oh. Any suggestions on how to follow Coq au Vin? What are your recipes for in-laws?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel