As always, this week's Throwback Thursday recipe is fraught with controversy. What is Wacky Cake? When was it invented? What are its ingredients? What makes it wacky?

Wacky Cake, friends, is different than Dump Cake. Why? One word: Vinegar. You heard it here first: If the cake recipe calls for vinegar, you can call it a Wacky Cake.

People like to debate whether Dump Cake inspired Wacky Cake or if Wacky Cake was the beginning of the simple cakes, and whether true Wacky Cakes can have eggs in them. To be certain, World War-era rationing likely contributed to the creation of the Wacky Cake recipe, which was revived again in the 1970's in part due to its tastiness and in part due to its tie-dye ready name.

In honor of the beloved cake recipe, we're sharing our own favorite Wacky Cake descendant. You can check, the vinegar is right there in the recipe. And yes, this version does contain eggs:


Those who believe that true Wacky Cakes can't have eggs have their place in history, too. Some believe that the original Wacky Cake recipe was called such because it relied on the same science that forced your 7th grade volcano to froth: vinegar and baking soda. It's this magic due that could cake an egg-less cake to rise and be delicious, not dense.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel