Good old raisins and peanuts? Gobs of raw protein? Whatever you're used to calling GORP, aka, Trail Mix, there's one thing we can all agree on: It's delicious.


Nuts and Bolts Trail MixIf you've followed #TBT at all with MyRecipes, you know we live for a good literary reference when it comes to naming dishes. You know we also love sordid pasts with multiple claims to recipe fame. As you might expect, GORP has all that and more.

Who has claimed GORPS recipe-creation fame? The better question might be, "Who hasn't?" Two surfers are uncharacteristically taking credit for it's 1960s creation, when they tossed peanuts and raisins together to create the ultimate energy snack. But, but! In Jack Kerouac's 1958 novel, he specifically mentions Trail Mix as a planned meal for a hike. Sorry surfers. It's low tide for you on this one.

Ah, but then we must travel to Denmark, where trail mix, or a combination of dried fruits and nuts (with some chocolate tossed in around the holidays) was popular and common. Of course, it was called Studenterhavre, which might've been why it didn't catch on so quickly.

Now that you have the history, it's time to fess up. Do you make your own GORP? Are you known to (gasp) mine the GORP for chocolate, leaving your trail-mates with only nuts and raisins to get them through that next pass? If you do, you're not alone (though you might not be very popular). Next time, just double the M&Ms and call it a day.

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel