Size matters.

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Serghei Starus
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When it comes to spending money on my kitchen gadgets and appliances, I am very much a minimalist. If there’s a way that I can save a couple dollars, you better believe I’m going to find a way. That said, there is one appliance that I will never, ever, ever, ever understand why anybody would spend their hard-earned dollars on, and that is a mini food processor. Seriously, when I see people checking out with these at a Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I picture them running a scissor through their wallet. This is an extremely regrettable purchase, and I cannot emphasize enough why you shouldn’t do it.

Listen, I can actually see both sides to this argument (however, my side is undeniably stronger). Mini food processors are cute and adorable, perfect for a kitchen where counter space is scarce, and they cost less. While all of these perfectly legitimate factors are worth taking into account, let’s also take a second here to discuss the cons of this appliance.

First and foremost, it’s size is hugely problematic. When it comes to processing sauces, doughs, emulsions, soups, or literally anything, the small size of the bowl is going to be a serious frustration. Unless you want to write a memoir about how you spent your life in the kitchen working in batches, then you’re definitely going to want to get a full-size processor. The amount of time and painstaking effort that you will save by being able to pulse all your ingredients at once versus spoonful by spoonful is well worth the initial dollars that it will cost you.

Second of all, a mini processor means mini power, too. Because the contraption itself is much smaller, that means the blade and motor are too. Thus, you’re blending with less force. In my experience with mini food processors, the appliance has always felt so unstable and weak that I’d worry it would just blow a fuse in the middle of processing something that needed a little extra boost. Honestly, that’s not a great train of thought to be having while you’re in the kitchen.

Okay, so before you freak out at the price of the full-size version, just take a deep breath with me here. This Cuisinart 14-cup food processor from Amazon (which I have had great experience with) is surely a chunk of change, but think of it this way: your brand new, shiny food processor is not only going to save you countless bouts of time and energy, but it is going to last you for way longer than you realize. If your kitchen is not outfitted with a food processor currently, and you’re looking to bring one into your culinary life, my advice is to skip the mini BS (is that harsh? sorry) and to go straight for full-size. Your wallet may not thank you today, but it will surely understand.