Why have a bacon hour when you can have a Baconator
Credit: AWSeebaran/Getty Images

The venn diagram of people who like eating bacon and people who occasionally enjoy eating fast food is pretty much just a circle. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that this year finds burger chains enticing customers to jump on the bacon bandwagon with offers of free fried pork. Just this week, McDonald’s offered up its “bacon hour”, and now Wendy’s is already making its play with a deal of its own.

Not content to give away free bacon for merely one hour, Wendy’s is instead giving Doordash customers a chance to get their greasy paws on a free Baconator in an offer that runs now through the thrilling conclusion of your Super Bowl Monday hangover on February 4.

To get your hands on this celebration of bacon, beef, and cheese, all you have to do is spend $10 at Wendy’s (no small feat) on DoorDash and enter the self-explanatory code “FREEBACONATOR”. Sure, you didn’t have to spend $10 at McDonald’s to get a free side of bacon, but the baconator offer entitles you to a full six slices of bacon that happen to be placed on an already pretty sizable cheeseburger.

Given the timing and the nature of the promotion, it’s hard to see this as anything other than a not-so-subtle dig at Wendy’s arched rival. With McDonalds being a relatively bacon-bereft fast food franchise, perhaps its an effort to remind discerning diners which international burger chain does bacon best.

It isn’t the first time Wendy’s—already known for its somewhat bizarre social media presence as far as big brands go— has fired shots at McDonald’s in order to promote its food. Last March saw them Tweeting at McDonald’s on National Frozen Food Day to tout the fact that its burgers are fresh and not frozen.

So if you want to eat a burger after also eating $10 of Wendy’s, now is your time to shine. At this rate in the escalating bacon arms rice, Burger King will probably start mailing people slices of bacon in the mail by the end of February.