Two Breakfast Baconators, anyone?

By Tim Nelson
Updated August 31, 2020
Wendy's Breakfast Baconator
| Credit: Wendy's

Back when the world was a much simpler place, it felt like the debut of a breakfast menu at Wendy’s was a much bigger deal. That was, of course, before restaurants across the country had to change how they operate and everything that wasn’t a major chain had to fight tooth and nail to survive.

If you still haven’t gotten around to tasting what Wendys is serving up for the first meal of the day, now might just be the perfect time to get out of bed and down to the drive-thru and check it out. Why? Because for a limited time, they’re hooking you up with a buy one get one for a buck deal on select breakfast items that’ll make it easier to sample the breadth of their AM menu.

So what exactly can you get, you ask? Well, there’s obviously the Breakfast Baconator, which swaps the burger of its lunchtime relative for a sausage patty and eggs, joining six(!) bacon strips, american cheese, and a hollandaise sauce. It’s perfect for starting your day on an incredibly indulgent note and then taking a nap before noon.

If that somehow doesn’t fill you up, add in a honey butter chicken biscuit, the classic sausage, egg, and Swiss croissant, or round it out with a Frosty-ccino. When your second item is just a buck, you really have almost nothing to lose (besides $1) by trying each of these out.

The deal runs through September 27, which means you’ve got enough time to try pretty much every possible permutation of this buy one get one for cheap offer. If the best version of that deal means ordering two breakfast baconators for yourself, well, godspeed.