That’s probably not covered in the employee handbook

Let’s face it: working in fast food is almost always a crappy, thankless job. It’s an experience largely defined by rude customers, low pay, and mind-numbing monotony.

Well if you’re desperately searching for a way to break up the boredom of working a dead-end fast food job, just don’t do what some of the now-former employees of a Michigan Wendy’s decided to do.

Recently, a short clip first posted on TikTok ended up gaining some attention on Facebook, which appears to depict someone taking a bath in the kitchen sink of a Wendy’s.

From the clip, it’s not immediately clear if the man (boy?) in the makeshift tub is naked, nor is there any confirmation he’s an actual Wendy’s employee. But the dude throwing soap to him and telling him to wash himself definitely seems to work there.

“It feels like a hot tub,” we hear the bather say. “I’m just enjoying life.”

Based on the actions taken since the video was posted, it would seem that enjoyment was short-lived. Team Schostak, the restaurant group which owns and operates 56 Wendy’s locations across Michigan, has since terminated everyone at the Greenville location who showed up in the clip.

“The egregious behavior is completely unacceptable and counter to our safety, training, and operational standards,” a vice president of HR for the company who owns the string of franchises told Newsweek.

Since the video surfaced, they’ve taken particular steps to ensure that Wendy’s is up to its usual health and safety standards. That should ensure things can continue to operate as normally for both customers and (non-fired) employees.

So let that be a lesson to you: don’t try to enjoy life on company time if you’re particular approach to enjoyment clashes with local health codes. A little bit of faux hot tub bliss isn’t worth losing your job over— unless you’ve already got another one lined up.