Bonus: It tastes like a whole bunch of cookies.

At this point in the Great Garbage Year of 2020, you or someone you know is probably starting to stress about whether or not it’s wise to host a Friendsgiving this year. That creates a lot of anxiety, especially at a time when the turkey market is more uncertain than ever.

If you want to hedge your friendsgiving bets by bringing a dessert that fits the theme, you should get yourself to Wegmans, where you’ll find a Friendsgiving-flavored ice cream. Yup, that’s really what it’s called.

It’s made by Perry’s Ice Cream, whose interpretation of Friendsgiving involves “almond ice cream with blackberry swirls and sugar cookie dough pieces.” Essentially, it’s a mix of all the cookies you might find as part of the dessert course at your Thanksgiving table.

Right now you might be wondering why Perry’s Ice Cream didn’t simply slap the Friendsgiving label on some sort of pumpkin or apple pie ice cream and call it day. Well, that’s because they’ve already got a pumpkin pie flavor, as @FoodiewiththeBeasts’ Instagram shows. According to the labelling, it features pumpkin pie ice cream, whipped cream-flavored swirls, and pie crust pieces. It’s the perfect way for your friends or relatives with dentures to get their pumpkin pie fix.

Oh, and don’t count out those holiday flavors as well, including mint chocolate-themed White Christmas and Peppermint Stick. If those don’t suit you, Wegmans also has its own pumpkin pie and eggnog-flavored ice creams.

So if you find out at the last minute that this year’s Friendsgiving is in fact happening, run to Wegmans and pick up a limited edition ice cream fit for the occasion. After all, nobody can call you out because you’re literally bringing a Friendsgiving dessert. Read the label, people!