We're in the habit around here of doing a certain amount of public service, specifically tasting all the Starbucks, new Oreo flavors, and meat candy bars (yes, they're coming) on purpose so you can save your precious calories for more guaranteed wins, like regular Oreos.

Today we tried Burger King's latest mashup: Mac n' Cheetos, which the King calls a "hand-held take on classic mac n' cheese, perfect for snacking on the go. Mac n' Cheetos are creamy mac n cheese covered with crispy Cheetos flavor and served warm."


Besides causing significant hair loss as we tried to determine the singular vs plural of Mac n' Cheetos, we determined that Burger King did a few things right, and one thing very wrong. In sum, the nutrition info is readily available.

The staff was divided into people ready to hate them and people sure they'd love them. Shockingly, their argument was the same. "They're fried mac n cheese bites rolled in Cheetos dust!"


In reality, they kind of are and kind of aren't. The treats look like regular friend cheese sticks, but with a slightly orange hue. There is no tell-tale orange dust left behind in the box, and one bite into the fried log reveals more orange cheese inside, and maybe a piece of macaroni.

Regardless, when the call of "Magic cheese dust treats are here!", everyone came running.

Here's what we thought.

"I don't hate these at all! I'm ashamed."

"These are not terrible... I'm surprised!"

"Ok...totally shocked. These are good."

"I'm not mad at these at all!"

"Surprised at how good these are!"

"I'm so confused and delighted all at the same time."

Those who thought they'd hate them, didn't. Those who thought they'd like them, did. And those who thought they'd be amazing were, well, a little disappointed.

"I thought it was good. Tasted more like soft Cheetos, and I didn't get any macaroni--or at least I couldn't' taste the macaroni. Overall, I was underwhelmed. I had high expectations, and I don't think it lived up to the hype."

So before you call these treats overrated, give 'em a try. You (probably) won't be sorry.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel