From totes to purses to cutting boards, there's no shortage of trendy watermelon-print accessories and tools that we can't stop drooling over. Whether you're in love with the fruit (who isn't?), or you just need some bright, fun inspiration to help you get your summer vibes on, we gathered our favorite watermelon-inspired products of the summer.
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Credit: Courtesy of Asos

It's one thing to cook/eat according to seasonal produce, but to style yourself according to seasonal produce? Well, that is some next-level fashion prowess. And when it comes to the most superior melon of them all, watermelon, it's no secret that they're just as much fun to sport as they are to eat. From jewelry, to bags, to glam kitchen tools, there are a slew of ways that you can incorporate that signature green rind and pink flesh dotted with dark seeds into your aesthetic. We scoured the internet for our favorite trending watermelon pieces so that you're just a click away from your new favorite summer piece.

Watermelon Pink Pastel Watch

Credit: Courtesy of Asos

Courtesy of Asos

Why yes, it's always melon o'clock with this cutie. Give a refreshing update to your (or your chillest friend's) wrist wear for less than $30 with this cheery pink patterned watch.

Super Chill Cooler Bag

Credit: Courtesy of

Courtesy of

What a great vessel to transport, say... some freshly chopped watermelon? Eh? You gotta admit, your next picnic or pool party would be a whole lot cooler if you were rocking this chicly whimsical tote.

Lékué Watermelon Silicone Ice Cream Pop Mold

Credit: Courtesy of Lékué

Courtesy of Lékué

So freaking adorable it hurts. Except not really. More like, so freaking adorable it makes you want to make ice pops immediately—more specifically, ice pops spiked with Prosecco. Trust me, all of this is a (really) good idea.

Sunnylife Watermelon Candle

Credit: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Now this is our kind of zen. Looks like watermelon, smells like watermelon... and that's about where the similarities end, but still, that feels like enough for a candle. We're into it.

Watermelon Fruit Pot

Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Bonus point if you use to hold...wait for it...a WATERMELON. OK, this pretty planter may not have the capacity for that, but whatever you put in here is sure to look 100% more fun and adorable than it would in some basic terra cotta.

Watermelon Cutting Board

Credit: Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Wooden cutting boards are so out this season. Watermelon, however, is SO in this season. (Get it? Because watermelon literally is coming into season.)

TOMS Watermelon Print Espadrilles

John Duarte
| Credit: Courtesy of TOMS

John Duarte Courtesy of TOMS

You better STRUT! If you thought watermelon made a summer spread look good, just wait until you see what it does for your shoe game.

Watermelon Coin Purse

Credit: Courtesy of J. Crew

Courtesy of J. Crew

Do people even still carry coin purses? Who cares? IT'S IN THE SHAPE OF A WATERMELON.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane