Don't let a sharp edge or too much water get the best of your wrist candy. Water-friendly watches don't need to look like you're about to embark on a triathlon (although those watches are cool too, and more power to you). But if you—or perhaps your sweet mom, who deserves something both pretty and practical on Mother's Day, which is right around the corner, *hint hint*—want(s) a timepiece that transitions seamlessly from work to play, gtrab one of these stylish, sturdy watches. Any of which are ready to withstand your next adventure in the kitchen.
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Credit: Courtesy of Fossil

Even if you’ve got an old t-shirt on, your hair pulled back, an apron tied tight, and comfortable, closed-toe shoes, it’s hard to be prepared for the inevitable mishaps and infrequent-but-always-looming damages that are bound to happen when you’re frequently in the kitchen. One accessory that is oftentime neglected in the discussion of proper kitchen attire is your watch. Typically, if you're the person who wears a watch every day, it's likely that you might not actively think to remove it as soon as you step into the kitchen. And as you're transitioning from task to task, it's also probable that this band, which is pretty constantly around your wrist during your waking hours, isn't at the forefront of your mind when you lower your arms down into a sink of dirty dishes... you know, until your leather band is soaked and the face rubs the wrong way on a sharp edge, and has a hideous scratch that you now can’t get rid of.

Rather than letting this happen to your prized time-telling device, equip your wrists with some gear that can withstand a dunk into water and maybe a gentle clunk here and there. The best part? There’s no need to sacrifice style and aesthetic with these quality beauties. Strap it on and get to cooking!

1. Fossil Poptastic Sport Multifunction White Silicone Watch

Credit: Courtesy of Fossil

Courtesy of Fossil

2. Lacoste Contact Smartwatch

Lacoste Contact SmartWatch
Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

Courtesy of Zappos

3. Adidas Originals Watch

adidas Originals
Credit: Courtesy of Adidas

Courtesy of Adidas

4. Timex IRONMAN Sleek Watch

IRONMAN® Sleek 30 Mid-Size
Credit: Courtesy of Timex

Courtesy of Timex

5. Nixon Time Teller Watch

Nixon Time Teller
Credit: Courtesy of Nixon

Courtesy of Nixon

6. Timex IRONMAN Essential Watch

IRONMAN® Essential 10 Mid-Size
IRONMAN® Essential 10 Mid-Size
| Credit: Courtesy of Timex

IRONMAN® Essential 10 Mid-Size Courtesy of Timex

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane