Grocery shopping doesn't get much easier (or invasive).
Woman Unpacking Groceries
Credit: Chris Clinton/Getty Images

If having your groceries shopped and delivered for you wasn’t enough, retailer giant, Walmart, has partnered with a smart-lock start-up that will allow your professional shopper to enter your home and actually put your groceries away. Gamechanger, huh? By way of a one-time passcode, the shopper can open your door if you are not home, and proceed to your kitchen to put all of the items in the fridge or on your counter. When they leave, the door will lock behind them.

This service, which seems to be part of Walmart’s larger initiative to compete with the delivery powerhouse, Amazon, will notify the customer when the shopper enters their home, and allows them to watch the entire process via home-security cameras through the app, if they so choose. As invasive as this new service may seem, every step in the process is promised to be extremely secure—and if the customer is willing, the service could be a huge time-saving convenience. It sounds somewhat insane now—who’d let a stranger into their home just because they don’t want to go to the grocery store themselves?—but this is probably how absurd AirBnB and Uber sounded at first. Plus, how can you complain when you’re coming home to a fridge and pantry that’s fully stocked?

In a time when we’re all trying to find shortcuts to fresh, home-cooked meals, this service could end up being just the helping hand a busy family needs. Not to mention, it’s no secret that the absolute worst part of any trip to the grocery store is finding the energy to put all of your new purchases away once you’re home. For now, the service is only being tested in Silicon Valley, but hey, one day soon, you may be able to pay someone else to do the chore that you never quite feel like doing.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane