It’s basically the Chanel of hot sauces. 

By Briana Riddock
May 18, 2018
Courtesy of Truff

I have to credit an Instagram DM slide for introducing me to this innovative hot sauce brand. A follower asked if I’d heard of this brand of hot sauce that is infused with truffle oil. Needless to say, I hadn’t, but I was instantly intrigued. I got my hands on a bottle and immediately considered what I should pour the truffled hot sauce over first.

Truff Hot Sauce is a red chili-based hot sauce that is infused with Italian black truffle oil and delicately sweetened with agave nectar. In other words, this is not your average hot sauce. It is hot, but not overwhelmingly so and not overtly peppery. I was a bit skeptical about the merit of including truffle oil in a hot sauce, but the spice level is actually rounded out very nicely with the oil—giving whatever food it’s applied to a boost of flavor, in addition to the heat of the peppers. IMO, the Truff brand delivers excellence not only through the flavor richness of the hot sauce, but also through the eye-catching packaging. Their attention to detail shines in the sleek bottle design. Even the cap of the bottle mimics the shape of a truffle… well, a very stylish, geometric truffle. Another important detail to note about Truff—the hot sauce does not contain preservatives, so it should be refrigerated after opening.  


The perfect moment for a road test of this decadent condiment came when I made a plate of loaded French fries. I’d finished up frying a batch of restaurant-quality french fries, and decided that the right thing to do was to then top the hot and crispy spuds with chopped bacon, diced tomatoes, queso, and fresh jalapeño slices. I finished the entire plate with a generous drizzle of the Truff Hot Sauce. The Truff blended with the queso and soaked into the fries, transforming my plate into an amazing edition of truffle fries.

As I hovered over this plate of caloric wealth, I couldn’t help but think about the other dishes that would benefit from a splash of this hot sauce... I’ve no doubt that drizzling it over my runny poached eggs with a sprinkle of Everything Bagel Seasoning is going to change my mornings forever. I’m thinking of using it as a dipping sauce for my leftover pizza crust. And, yeah, of course, I’m going to pour some over the slice of pizza as well. The next time I fry chicken, I will be making it rain with this stuff. It really is that good.

If you try the Truff Hot Sauce and likewise become obsessed, you can guarantee yourself a new bottle every month by signing up for the subscription service, at a price of $14.99 per bottle.

You can find your own Truff Hot Sauce at