I have just returned from the Fancy Foods Show in New York City, a huge trade show of specialty and gourmet foods. After you get over being jealous of my cool job, let me assure you that this show is not for the faint of heart, or the faint of stomach. After about 100 aisles of gourmet popcorn, organic corn chips, chocolate truffles, jams, jellies, and salsas, olive oils, vinegars, and cheeses, tastebud fatigue sets in. And you still have another hundred aisles to go!

But it is great fun to explore the new flavor trends and see what new products are being introduced in the market place. One flavor trend I noticed right away was blood orange. These oranges have a thin orange-red skin and a flesh that's deep crimson. They're available from March through December and tend to be sweeter than other varieties. We saw blood orange juices, marmalade, balsamic vinegar, sodas, and even blood orange-flavored olive oil. This is a beautiful fruit to use around the holidays, especially in salads, but it may be hard to find them right now, so you'll have to settle for getting it in juice form or a cocktail mixer.

Some of the other trends I noted were green tea in every kind of product, tea in general, dark chocolate, organic products, gluten-free products, speciality cocktail mixes, and healthy chips and snacks. I did taste a number of things that I fell in love with, and I'll be telling you about those later. Stay tuned. In the meantime, have a blood orange cocktail (pictured) and get your daily dose of vitamin C.