Plus, it's dairy and gluten-free.
trader joe's sunflower butter cups
Credit: Sarra Sedghi

Peanut butter cups are one of the top candies out there, be it Reese’s, Justin’s, or homemade. But for people who can’t eat peanuts or tree nuts, peanut butter cups and their almond alternatives spark sadness instead of joy.

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Somebody at Trader Joe’s headquarters must have considered the nutless, though, because their new candy, Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups, avoids those allergies (if you’re allergic to sunflower seeds or chocolate, I apologize) and a whole bunch of other dietary restrictions: these delicious cups are also gluten, soy, and dairy free, so now a whole bunch of a people don’t have to feel left out when it comes to cup candy.

It looks like dark chocolate is the only variety that exists so far, but that high cocoa content pairs nicely with the sunflower butter’s saltiness.

The packets contain two cups and retail for 99 cents, and can easily be found at what I like to call the cashier trap—those cubbies you can’t help but notice right before you glance at the register.