If you like lox, you have to check this out.

My meals these days have gotten simpler and simpler. Frankly, I’m just less inspired than I’ve ever been to turn on my oven, stove, or even fire up my microwave. I’m living on a lot of raw vegetables and leftovers, which is leaving me with a distinct shortage of protein.

Until I met Trader Joe’s new Sesame-Crusted Hardwood Smoked Ahi Tuna, which is kind of like if smoked salmon was made out of tuna, and coated in everything bagel seasoning. I ate the entire four-ounce package in one day. For breakfast, I put it on a piece of toast with a little smooshed avocado, which felt like a delightful and luxurious upgrade to my normal routine. For lunch I ate a few pieces on an arugula salad with white beans and a simple vinaigrette, and for dinner I ate it with brown rice, some roasted vegetables in teriyaki sauce, and some edamame for a sort of Asian-ish rice bowl.

The package—which costs $5.99 for four ounces—is similar to the packaging for a bag of lox, holding a tray on which the tuna slabs come, thinly sliced and ready to go. Layer them onto anything you want. The tuna itself is super smoky, so you don’t get a very fishy taste. If you’re not huge on lox, I actually think these would be a great substitute, since the tuna is much leaner than salmon, and has a much less fishy flavor.

The hardwood smoked tuna is definitely a new go-to for me. It’s a great, healthy alternative to highly-processed sandwich meats, and will definitely make a satisfying substitute for cheese on crackers. I would even consider chopping some up and putting it into a dip or cream cheese, for a homemade smoked tuna spread. Unfortunately, the package is on the smaller side (the nutrition info says a serving is half the package), so I’m not sure this would be great for feeding a family. Instead, keep it tucked in the back of the fridge for special occasions, or just eat the whole package on the way home from the grocery store.