Plus, four more new items we’re excited about.
Super Simple Pimiento Cheese image
Super Simple Pimiento Cheese image
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In the latest episode of the “Inside Trader Joe’s” podcast, Matt Sloan, the grocery store chain’s vice president of marketing, asked listeners a very important question: “Why isn’t pimento cheese a thing everywhere?”

Our answer: It should be.

For the unenlightened, pimento (or pimiento) cheese is a heavenly mixture of pimentos, cheese, mayonnaise, and whatever else the cook decides to throw in there. It’s a Southern staple, but it’s growing in popularity around the country.

Case in point: Trader Joe’s is getting its very own pimento cheese in 2019.

Watch: How to Make Super Simple Pimiento Cheese

"If you're from the American South, you definitely know what pimento cheese is but I think a lot of other people don't," says TJ’s Marketing Director Tara Miller.

It looks like things are getting super cheesy at Trader Joe’s next year: In addition to the pimento, the chain is adding Unexpected Cheddar--shredded cheddar with a hint of parmesan--and a Spanish, Manchego-like cheese.

"This is a caved-aged cheese and, while similar to Manchego, where Manchego is all sheep's milk, this cheese is a blend of cow, sheep, and goat's milk,” says Sloan. "I'm looking forward to making a 2019 grilled cheese with that for spring."

Shoppers can also look forward to a lemon-cookie scented candle and a ready-to-heat Mandarin Orange Chicken Bowl.

Is it 2019 yet?