It tastes like it's straight out of a restaurant

Chips and salsa is one of the most universal snacks around. Heck, decent Mexican restaurants will give it to you for free so you can be full by the time your entree arrives.

With the Super Bowl just a matter of days away, many of us will be stocking up on various chips and dips to stress eat while watching commercials. Though many of us already think of Tostitos as the quintessential chips and salsa brand, a new, trendy product cements their status as the MVP of tortilla and dip producers.

This week, Instagram food hunter @JunkFoodintheTrunk3 spotted Tostitos’ new avocado salsa, an all-star dipping option that seems to promise exactly just that: your typical salsa, but “made with real avocados” as the jar states.

According to a product listing from Walmart’s website, each 15-ounce jar features real chunks of garden vegetables alongside real avocados for a delicious and creamy salsa blend. While I share some of @JunkFoodintheTrunk3’s skepticism about the viability of unrefrigerated jarred avocados, this’ll probably be such a hit at your Super Bowl party that the jar will be long gone by the time its expiration date rolls around.

You could argue that this dip is a bit of a cop out, but if you have a lot of people to entertain and limited time (or just don’t want to injure yourself), this jar of avocado salsa is a definite life hack when it comes to prepping for the “Big Game.” I bet if you poured it into a bowl, hit it with some lime juice, and called it guacamole, most of your guests would be none the wiser.