‘Tis the season to stuff your face.

By Corey Williams
November 30, 2018
dndavis/Getty Images

We were pretty surprised about the top Halloween candies CandyStore.com expected would dominate each state this year. Seriously, Louisiana? Lemon Heads?

We’re equally confounded by which candies states choose to snack on during the Christmas season. For example, reindeer corn secured the top spot in five different states. Not only had we never heard of reindeer corn until today, but it looks like candy corn’s gross cousin.

The rest of the list is pretty unremarkable: They expect Reese’s, Hershey Kisses, and Candy Canes will be among the most popular Christmas candies in the country.

Pez, which was shockingly popular last year, lost a lot of steam in 2018—the chalky snacks only showed up in the top three in five states.

Here’s the full list:

Alaska - Hershey Kisses

Alabama - Reindeer Corn

Arkansas - Starburst

Arizona - Reese’s Cup Minis

California - Reese’s Cup Minis

Colorado - Hershey Kisses

Connecticut - Reindeer Corn

Delaware - Candy Canes

Florida - Snickers

Georgia - Candy Canes

Hawaii - Starburst

Iowa - M&M’s

Illinois - Reese’s Cup Minis

Indiana - Reese’s Cup Minis

Kansas - Peppermint Bark

Kentucky - M&M’s

Louisiana - Pez

Massachusetts - Candy Canes

Maryland - Reese’s Cup Minis

Maine - Candy Canes

Michigan - Reindeer Corn

Minnesota - Reese’s Cup Minis

Missouri - Starburst

Mississippi - Snickers

Montana - Reese’s Pieces

North Carolina - Snickers

North Dakota - Chocolate Santas

Nebraska - Hershey Kisses

New Hampshire - Candy Canes

New Jersey - Reese’s Cup Minis

New Mexico - Pez

Nevada - Peppermint Bark

New York - Snickers

Ohio - Pez

Oklahoma - Starburst

Oregon - Reese’s Cup Minis

Pennsylvania - Candy Canes

Rhode Island - Reindeer Corn

South Carolina - M&M’s

South Dakota - Reese’s Cup Minis

Tennessee - Peppermint Bark

Texas - Reese’s Cup Minis

Utah - Reindeer Corn

Virginia - M&M’s

Vermont - Candy Canes

Washington - Candy Canes

Washington DC - Jolly Ranchers

Wisconsin - Peppermint Bark

West Virginia - Peppermint Bark

Wyoming - Chocolate Santas