One of my favorite things to eat for lunch in the summer is a tomato sandwich. It's just hard to beat slices of juicy, garden-fresh tomato between two slices of bread that are lightly coated with mayonnaise.

This past weekend I made a new favorite that's just a slight variation of my beloved tomato sandwich. I guess I would call it a Tomato Crisp Sandwich. I spread a small amount of light cream cheese on a thin Kavli Crispbread wafer. Then I topped the cream cheese with a couple of very thin slices of tomato. I used a serrated knife so that I could get real thin slices. The combination of tangy cream cheese with sweet tomato and the nutty crunch of the crispbread made me so happy. Then I remembered that I had some fresh basil out back, so I chopped a little and sprinkled it on the tomato. Now we're talking Really Happy.

I liked this so much that I made it again the next day with goat cheese instead of cream cheese. The flavor was even better, but the goat cheese didn't spread as well over the wafer. If I'd had a creamier kind of goat cheese such as Belle Chevre, it would have been fine.

I'll be sad when the summer tomatoes are gone, but maybe I can think of some other tasty toppings for the crispbread wafers.