Toblerone cheesecake? Yes, please.

If you love chocolate to any degree, there’s a pretty good chance you also love Toblerone. The iconic triangular chocolate bar manages to be one of the finest around, ranking just behind watches as the finest Swiss export.

While these playful pyramids of nougat and milk chocolate are already world-class, a line of Toblerone-themed desserts recently spotted in the freezer aisle at Walmart somehow seem even more delicious.

A recent @Snackgator post chronicles the appearance of Toblerone-branded lava cakes and even a Toblerone cheesecake, both of which integrate that Swiss chocolate you know and love into two already decadent and delightful desserts.

First up are Toblerone lava cakes, which take the insanely rich dessert and layer on some melted toblerone over the top. Here, the Toblerone essentially functions as the lava cake’s “eruption” adding in perhaps a bit more nougat-y texture than your average take on the molten chocolate treat.

What’s even crazier, though, is the Toblerone cheesecake, which uses a “chocolate biscuit base topped with Toblerone’s smooth milk chocolate.” It seems like this is sort of a Toblerone cheesecake sandwich? I don’t totally know if that’s an accurate description, but it sounds good to me and I’m going to sprint to the freezer section of Walmart to try it myself.

While @SnackGator admits they were already released last fall, the fact that they’ve surfaced at Walmart would suggest both are ready for a bit of a wider release. No details about other retailers where you might find it, but come on: anybody with any sense is going to want to keep some Toblerone lava cake and cheesecake in stock. So hunker down for the fall with these frozen Toblerone treats, since summer is over and you’re not going outside anymore anyway.