You can argue that it's hard to go wrong with a chocolate chunk cookie recipe, and you'd be right. But there's something about the quest for the perfect chocolate chunk cookie; is it crisp? Chewy? Filled with chocolate? That's why we're confident that this chocolate chunk cookie recipe is the chocolate chunk cookie recipe. In fact, we even put it in our Cookie Countdown Calendar! (This beauty is December 10th, by the way).


Just check out a few reviews for the Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookies:

The best oatmeal cookie ever. This recipe makes a lot of cookies and the cookies maintain a great shape after cooking. You must try these fresh out of the oven - The Best Cookie! ~Princess222

Burnt one batch pretty badly and they were still devoured and raved about! ~emib816

Awesome cookies! They are a perfect mix of crunchy chewy. I was making them to take to a party Friday night and at the rate my husband is eating them I'll have to make more before we go. This is one I'll make again and again! ~MRunion

In my book, a great cookie recipe is one that you make in a mixer quickly. No chilling, chopping, or dual bowl mixing. ULtimate Chocolate Chunk Cookies fit that bill perfectly; they start in a standing mixer, then move straight to a baking sheet, then to your thighs mouth. What more could you ask for?

Use this cookie in your gift bags this year or on a holiday dessert buffet. Just don't forget the milk!

This year, we're joining Food Network's Virtual Cookie Swap! You already know our favorite cookie, now see what recipes our Cookie Swap friends love! What's your favorite cookie?

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel